Cincinnati Golf Pro - Melissa Yeazell
Cincinnati Golf Pro - Melissa Yeazell
Cincinnati Golf Pro - Melissa Yeazell


Swing motion, golf fitness, and peak performance lessons are available for every package. Video is included but not always necessary during every lesson.

Game Improvement Package $1000 per year

Designed for the golfer committed to growth in all aspects of the game: swing motion (includes video), golf fitness, and peak performance training. Take up to one 30-minute lesson per week for an entire year.

3-Lesson Package $150

Three 30-minute lessons

Individual Private Lesson $55

One 30-minute lesson

Semi-Private Lessons $30 per student

One 30-minute lesson for two or more golfers


  "As Secretary of AWMI Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Chapter, I would like to thank Melissa for putting on a wonderful outing for us. It was called Golf Etiquette 101-we wanted our members to learn about course etiquette, as well as, the proper stance, proper way to hold the club, everything that beginners should know and hopefully teach experienced golfers something as well. We have had such a great response from our event and are in the process of planning our second event , which will break out into two groups, one for beginners and one geared more towards experienced golfers."

~Patty V


“When I first met Melissa to work on her game, I noticed how flexible and strong she was so I inquired about my flexibility, specifically in my neck and intercostals. Since then, we have combined her knowledge of the body and my swing motion thoughts and I am pain-free and can now move with freedom.”

~Larry King, PGA



Cincinnati Golf Pro - Melissa Yeazell

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Cincinnati Golf Pro - Melissa Yeazell